What is Sushi? Part 4 – Oshizushi

We know you love the sushi at Ninja Sushi New Orleans, so we're here to help you really understand "What is Sushi"?

What is Oshizushi?

Oshizushi is better known as Box Sushi. A wooden mold called an oshibako is used to press sushi rice and cooked or cured ingredients into a block-shaped piece. The oshibako is first lined with the toppings (raw fish is never used; salmon, mackerel, and shrimp are popular). The toppings are then covered with sushi rice, and the lid of the mold is pressed down to compress all the ingredients. When the block of sushi is removed from the mold it is cut into pieces and served.

Tasty Box Sushi in New Orleans

Box sushi is a fun way to enjoy sushi and fresh fish. At Ninja Sushi, we offer fresh salmon, eel, shrimp, tuna, and changing special box sushi. Check out our sushi menu and try our box sushi today!

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