What is Sushi? Part 3 – Nigiri

We know you love the sushi at Ninja Sushi New Orleans, so we're here to help you really understand "What is Sushi"?

What is Nigiri Sushi?

Nigiri is a simple and delicate yet highly-flavorful type of sushi. The focus is on the distinct flavors of the one or two ingredients used. Nigiri consists of hand-pressed sushi rice with a strip of fresh fish - typically salmon, tuna, or other fresh fish. A small bit of wasabi is placed between the rice and the fish. Nigiri with certain toppings - such as eel, octopus, or egg - feature a thin strip of nori wrapped around the width of the piece. Nigiri is typically two pieces per serving.


Some popular nigiri toppings don't sit well on top of a simple mound of sushi rice. Wrapping a strip of nori around the perimeter of the rice creates a container of sorts that can be filled with ingredients such as uni, natto, roe, or chopped scallops.

Fresh Nigiri Sushi in New Orleans

If you're looking for delicious nigiri sushi in New Orleans, Ninja has some of the freshest. We have an extensive menu of nigiri pieces, from salmon and tuna to hoki clam, urchin, and roe. Come in and sit at our sushi bar where you can watch our chefs expertly prepare delicate, flavorful nigiri.

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