What is Sushi? Part 2 – Maki

We know you love the sushi at Ninja Sushi New Orleans, so we're here to help you really understand "What is Sushi"?

What is Maki Sushi?

When you order one of our fresh sushi rolls, you're ordering Maki Sushi. Maki means "rolled." Maki sushi is made with rice and a filling or fillings, and typically wrapped with nori and rolled with a bamboo mat. Maki can also be wrapped with soy paper, thin cucumber, or even a thin omelette. Rolls are cut into six to eight pieces.

There are many different types of maki, from simple, one-ingredient rolls to creative, elaborate special rolls. Here are the two most popular types:


Hosomaki are small rolls, typically made with just one filling. Hosomaki on our menu include the cucumber roll, takuwan roll, avocado roll, tuna roll, and more.


Futomaki are usually large, fat rolls with several fillings. Everyone knows about the California Roll, with crab, avocado, and cucumber. Many sushi chefs - like our own Chef Nuke - get really creative with fillings and toppings. We have a whole list of rolls that are both delicious and beautiful, and each week Chef Nuke tries out some of his crazy ideas on our Specials menu.

Innovative New Orleans Sushi Rolls

Ninja Sushi has some of the freshest, most creative sushi rolls in New Orleans. Whether you love simple cucumber rolls or want to try one of our special rolls filled with fresh fish, tasty sauces, and spicy toppings, you'll love our sushi menu.

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