Sushi Seafood for Lent

Fresh, Healthy Seafood for Lent in New Orleans

Instead of a fish fry or fried seafood during Lent, try some of Ninja's delicious fresh fish prepared in a variety of healthy, creative ways. Our menu of sushi and other Japanese dishes is filled with both traditional and creative options. Enjoy fresh salmon, yellowtail, blue crab, tuna... the list goes on! Our fresh salads and fish dishes are flavorful and satisfying.

Fish, Sushi, and Vegetarian Dishes

We have an extensive list of sushi rolls, and our Chef Nuke comes up with some of the most creative special rolls in the city. You'll always find something new on the specials board. Our dishes feature both local and imported fish, always fresh. Our vegetarian menu is sure to please as well, featuring fresh veggies and tofu.

So come check out Ninja Sushi and Japanese Restaurant on Oak Street for your Lenten meals. Our seafood is fresh, creative, and delicious.

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