I've been eating at Ninja since the '90s, and it's one of my very favorite sushi places in New Orleans. The sushi and sashimi are consistently tasty. Also important to me now are the kids' dinners and the non-sushi dishes since I dine with people who require those options. The kids' "boats" or train-shaped meals have surprised many children I've brought here with how much they like and will finish the food. (Also comes with a fun free toy--just ask.) For people who don't like sushi, the teriyaki and tempura are very good. But back to the sushi--I recommend the sashimi set, crawfish rolls, and my favorite that I've yet to see elsewhere--the Fried Oyster Roll. The last one is amazing!

Esme R., Review From Yelp

The cuts of fish here are some of the freshest in the city. We are a seafood town, and you might think fresh seafood is a given. However, some places use frozen food in the sushi process, and fresh makes a big difference on this menu. One hidden secret is the special vegetarian menu. Ask, and you shall receive a tasty delight.

Bryan Davis, Review From Google

The best quality and thick cut sushi. Favorites Cajun tuna tataki, yakiniku and gyoza appetizers. Best eel sauce ever. There box sushi is awesome, has the most meat and the least rice I ever had. #1 Grade fish quality and large portion size are the best in NOLA and east of the Pacific Ocean. As far as other reviews, I don't understand. I guess they're used to buffet and/or cheap sushi and a lot of rice. I feel I get the most for my buck and realize that good food takes time to prepare.

Gary Young, Review From Google

The place was nice and clean. The service and location was great. The hot towel at the beginning of the meal was a great plus. Overall the food tasted good but they could have featured the fish more than the crab stuffing in their sushi rolls. Sushi is supposed to be cut in delicate bite sized pieces, but some of their rolls were so big that you have to stuff it in your mouth. Ladies: not a good date food. The mussel appetizer was amazing. Finally, someone audacious enough to go over the top on the hot and spicy scale. When they say 'spicy' on the menu they really mean it. I would go back and try some other items on their menu and also because it has a good atmosphere, but I would avoid the sushi rolls with stuffed crab.

Lulu Jones, Review From Google