Get Caluda’s King Cake at Ninja Sushi New Orleans

Fresh Caluda's King Cake Daily

It's Carnival Time! Pick up a tasty New Orleans Mardi Gras king cake at Ninja - we're pleased to be an Uptown outlet for fresh made king cakes from Caluda's King Cake Shop at the restaurant daily. Caluda's King Cake Shop has been baking king cakes since 2009, and Chef Caluda has been managing and baking pastries - including his signature Jazz-Fest favorites, white chocolate bread pudding and crawfish strudel - at the Coffee Cottage in Metairie since 1990.

King Cake Flavors and Sizes

We'll have plain and cream cheese versions for sale as well as raspberry cream cheese, strawberry cream cheese, apple, or praline filled versions available by special order.


Plain $13.95
Cream cheese $16.95


Plain $16.95
Special order fillings, Medium only $21.95
(raspberry cream cheese, strawberry cream cheese, apple, praline)

Large (serves 30-35)

Special order only
Plain $21.95

Please give 1 day notice for special orders

Celebrate Carnival Time at Ninja Sushi New Orleans

Ninja Sushi New Orleans has one of the tastiest king cakes in Uptown as well as some of the freshest sushi around. Build up your stamina for all the parades with delicious, healthy sushi from Ninja Sushi!

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