Managers and Chefs

General Manager

General Manager Richard New Orleans native Ricky Toy is a seasoned 2nd generation restauranteur who has apprenticed and worked with the likes of nationally acclaimed chefs Wolfgang Puck, New Orlean's Brennan family (Foodies), Wong Family (Trey Yuen), and more.  His early start at family owned Chinese Village in the French Quarter and Metairie launched him into a career as a master culinary chef in the kitchen with key knowledge to make a restaurant successful.  Ricky has owned and operated lIttle Tokyo, Bambu Asian Grille & Sushi Bar (Harrah's), and now Ninja Sushi.  He is a former Kung Fu national martial arts champion where he learned calm and strict discipline.  His goal is to continue the excellent tradition of Ninja adding the specialty touch of his team of talented chefs and staff that will give patrons an A+ fine dining experience.

Sushi Chef

Chef Steve Nguyen - Ninja Sushi New OrleansSpirit guides many through life.  Enter 7+ year Ninja sushi chef sensationale, Steve.  With over 12 years experience as a sushi chef, our patrons know him as a very passionate sushi chef.  Steve takes pride in his presentation and 'getting it right'.  Also very creative, Steve welcomes a good challenge.  He draws from the heavens and, by request, can create something 'special'.  Steve is all about destiny and purpose; always knowing that becoming a sushi chef was his calling.  Steve enjoys his young family and, of course, our New Orleans Saints.  If you are looking for advice, Steve is especially friendly and a great sounding board.

Sushi Chef

Chef Leone Neil Loria - Ninja Sushi New OrleansWorking in the kitchen and sushi bar for over 10+ years at Ninja, Neil brings happiness to our patrons and staff.  His quiet disposition coupled with his friendly smile will greet and enthrall you with his fine culinary skills.  No doubt, also a master with the knife, he is steady and brings consistency and detail to his sushi presentations.  Born in Tangas, Phillippines and immigrating to the Big Easy...guess who created the specialty roll?? His hobby is not surprisingly 'cooking' and, yes, his favorite football team is none other than our own Saints.  Who dat!

Sushi Chef

Chef Jimmy Nguyen - Ninja Sushi New Orleans

As a very experienced sushi chef, Jimmy brings soul to the sushi chef team.  Enjoying working on automobiles (his hobby), he is always thinking about a better, faster way to roll sushi.  He enjoys working with knives (tools) to make them work more efficiently.  His attention to precision and speed makes him an outstanding sushi chef.  A native New Orleanian, his favorite football team is (no doubt) our New Orleans Saints!  Inspired, he created one of many Ninja's favorite specialty rolls: the Big Breesy roll.  Jimmy's motivation continued adding our signature Ninja Turtle specialty roll.